Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ella and Rory Talk about stuff.

Ella: I hit it in the window, i'm talking like a dinosaur, my thumb. Then daddy was gonna put ice on my thumb. Then, then, it was a long drive home. We went to the doctor, the doctor she put a big pink band-aid on and Rory said it's big and pink.

Rory: I said it's big and fat, that's what I sayed. That's lots of letters, mama. I'm tired of laying down.

Ella: I still have some more words. We're going on a trip to Cali-fornia

Rory: Are there going to be lots and lots of windows?

Ella: there's going to be lots and lots of toys and stuff. We gonna sleep at (whispers to me, where we gonna sleep at?) uh at the hotel. And sleep in lots of bedrooms. And on our trip it's gonna be fun.

Rory: oh, I like the hotel.

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