Monday, August 18, 2008

Movies and Bikes

Rory: I like elephants, that why they squirt water out and keep theirself clean. Um, um and dey eat lots of food. But there's an elephant right there (points to Hudson's toy). I will get my phone and talk to the elephant. Can you find a phone for me so that I can talk to the elephant.

Ella: I like Spirit (the horse from the Disney movie) He's mean and then he doesn't be mean. The bad man's get him, they try to get him but he's too fast. I want to be a horse. I want to have a friend that's a horse, they play together and sometimes there's Indians. The Indians were good, cause they liked that horse. And he went up a big mountain then he flyed. That's all.

Rory: The Cabin is good, it's good. And swinging, and climbing up, and swim and swim and swim and swim, and ride our bikes and stay outside for a long time.

Ella: We rode the trolley. No that's California. It was our bikes we rode.


Jared said...

Those Ladies Make Me Smile

emgraves said...

They are too funny! If only we could all be so random...