Friday, July 11, 2008

Our first post

Ella: I love mommy, yessiree, she loves me, yessiree, we are a happy family. . . .

Rory: joins in singing.
Letters are important, so you can know them. i like to know letters, so i can know what name my am. my name is rory.

Ella: cinderella danced cause her spell is gonna broke. The stepmothers broke her dress, she was running down to get on. . . she was sad. The godfairy comed. She loves us, and I love her. She loves you. She loves Rory too. And she says you pretty. There's a camera at the store, a blue camera. I'm gonna talk about sleeping beauty now, sleeping beauty has a pretty dress. she loves everyone in the whole world and she doesn't love all the bad people. she loves gram and papa and so does us too. and everyone. she loves pretty songs, too.

Rory: It's important to feed it, your baby. that is why it doesn't feed itself. Um, put your baby to sleep so that's why it doesn't put itself to sleep all by itself. Swing it slow in the swing so that's why it doesn't swing itself.

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Tanya, Coy, & Kids said...

This is so cute! I started typing out things Brityn comes up with - it's pretty great, and they sure get a kick out of me typing it out as they say it! haha. "That's why they can't [write it] themselves." ;) so sweet!