Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I like this book too, and this book and this book and this book. I like all the books.

Ella: I think that books are so, so cute. And I like to see the pictures in them. What I like about the Jesus one is that he blesses me. Books are important because there are pictures in them and I love them very much.

Rory: I like the Nudie bear book. I like to read them in my bed so I can see the pictures. The mousie is trying to reach her (the giraffe) he wants her. (she's talking about the "Never Too Little to Love" book") He steps on a watermelon and a teacup and a cabbage. The giraffe doesn't say anything she gives the mousie a big kiss because it wants a kiss.

Ella: Mommy and Daddy read me books because I don't know the words and I know some words.

Rory: I like this book! (Shows me the"Bare Bear" book) that why it's cute. His clothes fall off of the clothesline. He sees a stripy sock and his pants on the giant. And two shoes, the end.

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