Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rory: I went underwater. I don't know the kids names. I know Bef, she is my teacher. There's two Bef-es. you and my teacher. she's not with me anymore, she's in the deep deep one. She always doos nother kids. (I will learn how to) Jumping in all by myself if my want to, if my want to.
I feed them and get them drinks and put it asleep. I taked it a bath, that why it was very dirty. I take it a bath in the sink in the bafroom. I take it again, a bath for my baby again?

Ella: I was jumping in and my teacher was keeping me safe. I just run and then i jumped, the lady didn't even hold on to me. She didn't hold on to me. A little girl was jumping on to the teacher and the teacher said, "don't, that hurts!" I went under water, under the nice water and I went in the little bit deep one and i put my hands and feet under the water and then they said, "hey, don't go under water now, okay?" then I didn't. My slushies not gone yet. The nother teacher was away and we was last time we was I had to go way underwater and a boy got it for me. There's a girl named Kaitlyn, but um, um, mommy was gonna keep me safe too. Then it was a little while when we was done and I was brave.

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