Monday, September 14, 2009

I was feeling a little better today

Last week I threw up at least 20 times each day. No joke. Okay, Saturday it was only 10 times. Today was different, though. I didn't throw up- I actually had a little motivation. So for Mommy and Rory time we made this:
Rory was in heaven. Apparently, all you need is cardboard, fabric scraps, dum-dums, and a whole lot of hot glue to make this little girl happy. 
Oh, and stickers help too. 
I hope today wasn't a fluke and I keep feeling this good.

Rory's Day

Rory: Today Miss Jenny came over. I was excited for her to come over. I said "yippee!" We jumped on the bed together (with Meadow and Heaven) we played and ate some snacks. We made a candy necklace! We ate it all!! It was good. I was excited, I gave her a hug at the end. Then we ate lunch and then mommy putted Hudson to bed. Then we made Grandma a package. And that's all.