Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Rory Takes Pictures

Hold still, I'm going to take your picture, mommy.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Ella: Um, the firetruck I went in it, um, I saw it. I didn't drive it, I sat in it. It looked like work things. The firefighters were nice. They let us saw the things. The firemans help people.

Rory: I still need to eat my booties. (aka PIRATES BOOTY) I was a little scared, cause I was a little tired, that why. (talking about the fire truck.)

Ella: the fireman gave me a fire hat and a stamp and a pencil and a sticker and a necklace. I liked those things.

Rory: The fireman didn't give me a necklace, so mommy made me a neck-a-lace with a dog. A firedog.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thoughts on a Saturday

Um, Jesus loves us. And he helps us. And he, um, helps people that are sick, and he's good. And he helps us. And Nancy too. That's all. I learned that at church. And at home. And I sing about it.

I just want two posts. I'll show you the pictures, I won't read it. (She is talking about the Sneetches and Other Stories book). He's scared cause the pants are right there, cause he has the pants. I'm showing you all the pictures. I don't know why there's no body in the pants.

Um, and Jesus blesses us when we're up in heaven. Monsters bite. And they not nice. I'll tell you about cars. Cars drive and people are in them. I like them cause they look like real cars.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Movies and Bikes

Rory: I like elephants, that why they squirt water out and keep theirself clean. Um, um and dey eat lots of food. But there's an elephant right there (points to Hudson's toy). I will get my phone and talk to the elephant. Can you find a phone for me so that I can talk to the elephant.

Ella: I like Spirit (the horse from the Disney movie) He's mean and then he doesn't be mean. The bad man's get him, they try to get him but he's too fast. I want to be a horse. I want to have a friend that's a horse, they play together and sometimes there's Indians. The Indians were good, cause they liked that horse. And he went up a big mountain then he flyed. That's all.

Rory: The Cabin is good, it's good. And swinging, and climbing up, and swim and swim and swim and swim, and ride our bikes and stay outside for a long time.

Ella: We rode the trolley. No that's California. It was our bikes we rode.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ella and Rory Talk about stuff.

Ella: I hit it in the window, i'm talking like a dinosaur, my thumb. Then daddy was gonna put ice on my thumb. Then, then, it was a long drive home. We went to the doctor, the doctor she put a big pink band-aid on and Rory said it's big and pink.

Rory: I said it's big and fat, that's what I sayed. That's lots of letters, mama. I'm tired of laying down.

Ella: I still have some more words. We're going on a trip to Cali-fornia

Rory: Are there going to be lots and lots of windows?

Ella: there's going to be lots and lots of toys and stuff. We gonna sleep at (whispers to me, where we gonna sleep at?) uh at the hotel. And sleep in lots of bedrooms. And on our trip it's gonna be fun.

Rory: oh, I like the hotel.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rory: I went underwater. I don't know the kids names. I know Bef, she is my teacher. There's two Bef-es. you and my teacher. she's not with me anymore, she's in the deep deep one. She always doos nother kids. (I will learn how to) Jumping in all by myself if my want to, if my want to.
I feed them and get them drinks and put it asleep. I taked it a bath, that why it was very dirty. I take it a bath in the sink in the bafroom. I take it again, a bath for my baby again?

Ella: I was jumping in and my teacher was keeping me safe. I just run and then i jumped, the lady didn't even hold on to me. She didn't hold on to me. A little girl was jumping on to the teacher and the teacher said, "don't, that hurts!" I went under water, under the nice water and I went in the little bit deep one and i put my hands and feet under the water and then they said, "hey, don't go under water now, okay?" then I didn't. My slushies not gone yet. The nother teacher was away and we was last time we was I had to go way underwater and a boy got it for me. There's a girl named Kaitlyn, but um, um, mommy was gonna keep me safe too. Then it was a little while when we was done and I was brave.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I like this book too, and this book and this book and this book. I like all the books.

Ella: I think that books are so, so cute. And I like to see the pictures in them. What I like about the Jesus one is that he blesses me. Books are important because there are pictures in them and I love them very much.

Rory: I like the Nudie bear book. I like to read them in my bed so I can see the pictures. The mousie is trying to reach her (the giraffe) he wants her. (she's talking about the "Never Too Little to Love" book") He steps on a watermelon and a teacup and a cabbage. The giraffe doesn't say anything she gives the mousie a big kiss because it wants a kiss.

Ella: Mommy and Daddy read me books because I don't know the words and I know some words.

Rory: I like this book! (Shows me the"Bare Bear" book) that why it's cute. His clothes fall off of the clothesline. He sees a stripy sock and his pants on the giant. And two shoes, the end.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Our first post

Ella: I love mommy, yessiree, she loves me, yessiree, we are a happy family. . . .

Rory: joins in singing.
Letters are important, so you can know them. i like to know letters, so i can know what name my am. my name is rory.

Ella: cinderella danced cause her spell is gonna broke. The stepmothers broke her dress, she was running down to get on. . . she was sad. The godfairy comed. She loves us, and I love her. She loves you. She loves Rory too. And she says you pretty. There's a camera at the store, a blue camera. I'm gonna talk about sleeping beauty now, sleeping beauty has a pretty dress. she loves everyone in the whole world and she doesn't love all the bad people. she loves gram and papa and so does us too. and everyone. she loves pretty songs, too.

Rory: It's important to feed it, your baby. that is why it doesn't feed itself. Um, put your baby to sleep so that's why it doesn't put itself to sleep all by itself. Swing it slow in the swing so that's why it doesn't swing itself.