Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Letters to Uncle Brett

Hi Brett,
I love you, Brett. Do you know I go in CTR now? And I miss you. And um, I like to play with cars. I got a horsey named black beauty flower for Christmas. I like that it's black and that it has a blanket. And I got Wall-E too. I did the flag holder in Preschool and sometimes I do the weather bear or the line-leader. The teacher's name is Miss Jenny. I like it cause it's just fun. And I love my friends in there.
Bye Bye. I love you
love, Ella

Hi Brett,
I love you. Um, I got juice, and Daddy comed home. (How is he gonna get this letter, mom?) I got a new baby and the jammies are so cute. And she has a dress and I have the same dress as her. And they are red and they a little white. He likes gatorade. Um, preschool is fun, the weather bear is what I like. I like to being the snack bag, too. I love you, goodbye.
Love, Rory.

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emgraves said...

Those are cute letters! Im sure Uncle Brett loved them.